Hints & Tips

Smoke detectors

Did you know smoke detectors have a 10 year working life and should be changed to guarantee the operation of your smoke detector in an emergency. smoke detectors should be tested monthly by holding the test button for a few seconds, an alarm should sound. If it does not it may need replacing, call The Electrical Guy. Backup batteries should be changed yearly.

Exhaust fans

are essential in a bathroom & will help keep mould build up to a minimum. If your exhaust fan is proving to be ineffective, try opening the door slightly or window to help your fan perform. If you find that you are getting a draft from your roof into your home, you may want to install an automated cover over your fan that will let the air out when in use but then shuts to stop any annoying back drafts.


  • Sensor lights protect your property by installing sensors on existing or new lights.  Your carport, front door, paths and driveway will be much safer with automated lighting. Sensor lights will also reduce your energy consumption by switching off when the area is not being used & save you the trouble of forgetting to turn lights off.

  • Downlight fireguards are essential for all types of recessed lighting in your home, by keeping debris & insulation away from exposed heated surfaces. Halogen downlights are the biggest risk from the heat which is created from the globes and should be attended to immediately. LED downlights are a great alternative and can fit directly into the same hole the existing halagon downlight came from. They not only reduce the risk but also will save you money on your electricity bill in the long run. Go to www.led-lamps.net.au/led-energy-saving/led-savings-calculator for more information.

  • Safety switches (RCD’s) are essential for all homes and protect everyone from electric shocks, including your pets! Safety switches in your main switchboard should be tested monthly to ensure correct operation. To do this just press the test button along the switch and the toggle should flick down and if it doesn't your safety switch should be replaced immediately. If you don’t have a safety switch, you should seriously invest into these life saving devices!

Energy Efficiency

  • Do you leave lights on at night to light your way to the bathroom?  The Electrical Guy can install a small, low profile and attractive sensor lights that will light your way & maybe save you in medical bills when you don’t trip over the dog on the way to the bathroom! The sensor is set to work only when it is dark – a real energy saving.

  • The Electrical Guy can replace your high wattage down lights with compact fluorescent or LED down lights (LED globes are more expensive but will save you money in the long term)

  • Using dimmer switches on your lights not only creates an ambient mood but will also reduce your energy consumption at the same time!

  • It is way cheaper to run ceiling fans in your home compared to reverse cycle  air conditioners, The Electrical Guy can install ceiling fans to cool your home. Always shut doors and windows when using your reverse cycle air conditioner to keep the air in. Try lowering your thermostat which can make a big difference on your energy consumption.

  • Always keep a window slightly open in each room when using your evaporative air conditioner to let the warm air out.  The Electrical Guy can greatly enhance the efficiency and life expectancy of your evaporative air conditioner with an annual service (email leon@theelectricalguy.com.au to sign up for our electronic reminder service).

  • How many tonnes of carbon did you produce on your last electricity bill? Become more energy efficient around your home to reduce this figure and by installing a solar system to your home you can reduce it even further and most importantly saving you money. With electricity prices going up & up,solar systems can save you serious money in the long term. The Electrical Guy can design a system to meet your needs! Call or fill out the free quote form for a no obligation quote..

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